RP Insurance Consultants Eyes KSA Marketplace

Refpoint Insurance Consultants LLC (RPIC) considers that there will be increasing demand for specialist Insurance Consultancy services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as large commercial businesses become more sophisticated in their approach to procuring Insurance with a particular emphasis on “cost control”


Whilst the major global insurance brokers have tended to dominate this advisory space, there always remains a conflict of interest as these companies are still insurance brokers at heart and as such look to feed other parts of their business empires to maximise commission earnings along side any fee income that can be derived from their paying customers. Large businesses that employ specialist insurance professionals to take on the gatekeeper / risk management role certainly understand this and contain the balance, however, there are still many organizations that don’t have this luxury and this is exactly where RPIC aims to “fill the gap”.

Ken Maw Managing Director of RPIC recently met with HE Sheikh Mobarak Al Suwaiket and outlined his desire to pursue insurance consultancy opportunities in KSA as well as build out a stronger networking platform to attract Overseas Contractors and other potential Large Businesses for building out relationships within the Kingdom and enabling opportunities for bidding on major contacts there.

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