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As business consultants to those who wish to enter the Middle East marketplace, we are committed towards providing services that extend beyond just that of Setting up the business. As a further step we provide a suite of services designed to get your business ready for take off.

Recruiting the right team

As a lean team ourselves, we understand the criticality of optimum and effective recruitment. Moreover, we understand the added cost of an unproductive team in the initial years particularly when your operation is trying to breakeven. This added cost could set the business back a couple of precious years. Having a team that not only understands the market in theory but also has market experience and an already established network becomes critical. At RefPoint, we provide assistance in hiring the right team to drive your business goals. 

Strategic local partnerships – Ongoing Local Board Support

As Middle East-based business consultants, we firmly believe that partnering with the right local partner is critical towards the set-up of any business. At RefPoint, we help identify and build that strategic partnership thus facilitating the start of your business network in the region.


At RefPoint, we believe in the power of robust professional networking. Our extensive network built over a period of over three decades of experience in the region helps us identify opportunities for you to kick start your sales engine and put it out there in the market. Moreover, we undertake a unique filtering process and a targeted approach towards prospecting thereby helping you increase your chances of conversion – from prospect to client.



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