refpoint global dubai insurance consultants


RP Insurance Consultants (RPIC) is an independent insurance consultancy practice headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

We have evolved from a team of insurance experts representing over 100 years of consolidated experience in insurance broking and consulting across the Middle East and North Africa region.


As of now, there remains a gap in the market for what we would simply define as Insurance Supply Chain managers.

By filling this gap, RPIC not only eradicates the conflict of interest that currently rests on insurance brokers’ shoulders, but also provides customers with an ability to get real value for money and ultimately build a much closer relationship with their core insurance providers.

Our role also completes the jigsaw for those organisations that currently do not employ insurance experts to carry out risk and insurance management functions.

Below is a visualised summary of how RPIC employs its effective services to bridge this gap.

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