Services related to NRIs

Most Non Resident Indian (NRI) residing in UAE holds movable and/or immovable properties in UAE as well as India. NRIs in UAE for employment, business or as residency requires frequent professional services for Indian matters for wealth, properties and succession matters. RefPoint have understood the requirement of NRIs and have tied-up with one of leading & established professional services company viz. having team of lawyers, company secretaries and accountants which offers following services for efficient, professional and timely delivery to NRIs in UAE:

  • Will and Succession Services as per Indian laws
  • Assistance related to Property Sale / Buy / Lease in India
  • Assistance related to Investments
  • Assistance related to Tax matters
  • Legal assistance for Business in India

WILL Services for NRIs


It is a part of Financial & Tax Panning

Each individual put all efforts in life to earn and manage wealth as well as to keep family bonding at the best. The financial planning is a process where a person is consciously doing the needful actions though out life to create wealth, save maximum, manage & grow year-on-year, insured self and family to avoid any unforeseen event in life which can disrupt financial wealth creation.

It ensures Family Bonding and smooth Asset Transfer

Many individual do not plan succession of his/her wealth by writing a Will which creates confusion within family /legal heirs about distribution of wealth and this could be a tip of iceberg for de-bonding of family members and there could be undue delay hassle for family to claim / transfer assets in India / UAE.

It is a need of the day like an Insurance

Most individuals get him insured due to uncertainties and accepting real fact that death is inevitable and uncertain. If person accept this fact when taking insurance, why not write a Will for smooth transfer of properties and avoid de-bonding risk of family members.

It allow distribution of assets as per your Wishes and not as per law

If there is no-Will situation, the assets, properties and wealth will be distributed as per law which include personal law (religion like Hindu, Muslim) with applicable country specific laws of UAE and India.

What is a WILL?

  • It is a properly written document signed by a person who has made Will and witnessed by two witnesses
  • It gives details of wishes for distribution of wealth, assets, properties as per wises of person who made his Will
  • It also provides for details of Executor (person who helps to distribute assets) and Guardian (person who act as ‘parent’ for minor kids till they become major)
  • Get more information – read eBook FAQs in 12 Indian languages. Click here.

Why a separate WILL for NRIs in UAE?

  • Without a Will, in most countries, the laws of country where NRI is residing will be applicable.
  • For individuals residing in UAE, if there is no Will, the Sharia laws would be applicable on all assets in UAE and India
  • If there is a separate Will made as per Indian laws for all properties in India, those assets can be distributed to family as per Will

Options for Will writing for NRIs in UAE

  • Wait till next trip to India and to meet lawyers to make a Will
  • Do an online Will from your home/office in UAE like all developed countries, which is 100% Legal and Confidential
  • If you do not wish to make a Will online, make a customised Will from your home / office in UAE

Benefits of an Online WILL with RefPoint

  • 100% online, no calls, no emails, no visits
  • Will generated online is 100% as per Indian Laws
  • 100% confidential
  • Fixed and reasonable price of INR 5000 / AED 275
  • Make a Will in just 30 minutes, its very easy
  • Online Will is used in all developed countries
  • Thousands of individuals made Will online
  • Support and helpdesk to assist you anytime

Click here to read the authenticity of WILL.

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RefPoint Tie-up with Legaljini

Legaljini is an established legal services company based at Mumbai / India. It has team of lawyers, company secretaries and chartered accountants. Legaljini Group provide various legal services for business and individuals like company set-up, property buy/sell/lease, investments related, management of assets etc. Legaljini group offers  Succession and Will services to all Indian residing in India as well as other countries (NRIs) through a group company viz. offers a unique online Will writing solution to write a Will like other developed countries like USA, UK, Canada etc. Willjini have channel partner like HDFC Group, CDSL in India and thousands of individuals have already made their online Will in last 2 years. Willjini also offers other succession services like customised Will, translation, probate, executorship etc. To make your Will follow simple process:

  • Register at website (Free of cost) and Know More from eBooks, videos, blogs
  • Pay online
  • Get application access to fill details as per simple questions
  • Preview auto Will
  • Generate Will, get print, sign in presence of two witnesses
  • Your WILL is done.

Important Note: All Muslim religion followers please note that Will writing by Muslims should be as per applicable Sharia laws hence such Will require a customised efforts. All Muslim religion follower should contact us for Customised Will. The online Will service is for all non-Muslim NRIs.

Legal Services at India

Assistance related to Property Sale / Buy / Lease in India

  • Flat, Land, Bunglow, Office, Shop
  • Assistance related to Buy, Sell and Lease
  • Legal services
  • Title transfer services
  • Management of immovable properties

Assistance related to Investment

  • Portfolio management assistance
  • Buying, selling, transfer, management of investments

Assistance related to Tax matters

  • Tax related to buying, selling of properties or investments
  • Management of Tax matters

Legal matters related to business in India

  • Setting up of a Company / LLP / Joint Venture
  • Compliances related to business for accounting, legal, payroll, accounts, licenses, audits, taxation