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Thornton Tomasetti: Mitigating Hazards throughout the Petrochemical and Oil-Services Industries

For more than 50 years, Thornton Tomasetti has provided quality engineering, R&D, investigative and field-testing services to clients handling explosive and flammable materials. With decades of experience in the investigation, siting, design and retrofitting of petrochemical and oil-services facilities, the firm applies best-in-class science- and physics-based computational tools to the analysis of blast, fragment and thermal hazards. At the core of its practice are a proven risk-management method that emphasizes life safety, and an in-depth understanding of the complex interactions among prevention, disaster planning, insurance coverage and business continuity.

Thornton Tomasetti’s engineering professionals perform accident investigations and root-cause analyses and apply their findings to improve the resilience of the energy-supply chain to accidental and man-made threats such as vapor cloud explosions, equipment failure and terrorist attacks. Drawing on expertise acquired through the structural and protective design of buildings and critical infrastructure, the firm’s scientific approach helps petrochemical and oil-services clients understand and prioritize risks, and delivers practical, cost-effective solutions to help manage them.

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