Refpoint Forms New BVI Hold Co and restructures its consulting business into an LLC.

Refpoint Business Consultants has now transformed and re-branded its UAE onshore business into Refpoint Corporate Services LLC.

Refpoint continues to support its core business advisory services including outsource risk & insurance management as well as regional business development. The company is looking to expand its representational activities and is also beginning to look at both acquisition, in addition to start up opportunities throughout the MENA region as well as India, Pakistan and Sub Sahara Africa. The ability to build on its strong networking capability has also attracted a number of interesting private equity and other investment related referrals which further strengthens the company’s growing portfolio of business inquiries.

Refpoint Holding has been established as the ultimate Hold Co and the founders are now in the process of closing off an initial capital raise of US$ 1 Million and apportionment of shares amongst the “founding shareholders”.